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Science as Modern Myth

We may yet come to believe that the ultimate value of the study of nature is to enable us to understand and better appreciate the marvel and depth of existence. The ultimate significance of science may lie more in its mythical than its commercial potential, more in perception and vision than in technological empowerment. The ideology of progress through technology has only unevenly served the betterment of humanity. Truth is not mere fact and means to mastery; it is also the heart of vision needed to give meaning to life. The need for that vision is what moves people to religion and political ideology. Its advantage over other visions is its detached universality, its transpersonal and trans-cultural language and focus, and the unperjured ideal of objective truth. Science may be the only ideology capable of uniting us. This may be the real tragedy of the corporate takeover of research and the conscription of science, like all else in our culture, to the service of commerce and consumerism.

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