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Masculine Mystery

The idealism behind culture, technology, religion, and the domination of nature is a masculine mystery, which begins with the primacy of spirit and looks upon the reality of the phenomenal world as the creation of mind. There once were feminine mysteries, and hopefully there will be again. But just as masculine religion is a distraction from the intentionality required in the present age, so the feminine mystery that is needed now will not be a return to goddess religions or to mystifications that cannot take hold in the modern mind. It will be something new and far more powerful. Like the ancient feminine mysteries, though, it will begin with the material reality of nature (mater=mother), from which mind or spirit is born.369 While the masculine mystery concerns the struggle of ego to become distinct, the feminine mystery concerns the self-regenerating matrix from which ego seeks to emerge and to which it must return. Ultimately that is the Other, the Unknown, the independent being of nature. Some may choose to call it God.

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