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Male Insecurity

Of course, women can sustain multiple orgasms, and their biological and emotional self-sufficiency probably do trigger insecurities among men. Rather than face these, however, men typically pretend to be the ones who are independent, powerful, and sexually privileged. Such buried insecurity is compensated by making a world in which they hold the power, the political and economic independence; by creating realms of enterprise away from family and home, so that they appear to be the ones who are self-contained; by imitating, mastering, displacing, and appropriating nature so that they appear as the ones with enviable creative powers; by pursuing attitudes of sexual conquest and bravado, along with detachment, so that they seem at once sexually and spiritually superior. Man compensates his humiliating insecurity by endless posturing and flexing of literal and figurative muscles; he indulges his revenge for peripheral expendability by marginalizing and repressing women and expunging the feminine from within himself. Surely woman sees this and has contempt for the lie and the liar, as well as for the treatment she has received. Woman’s cagey exploitation of male foibles becomes her own resentful compensation for the inferior position to which she has been relegated. It becomes her own lie: the belief that she knows best and is really in control—the knowing wink of superiority.

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