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Genderless Sexuality

An aspect of the natural condition against which men rebel is the sexual asymmetry between male and female interests and even between their apparent levels of interest in sex. The male ideal would have women pursue sex in the same ways and to the same degree as men, as though the two mentalities were somehow mirror images. But this is hardly the case, owing originally to the diverging genetic interests of males and females in the system of nature. One reason why men and women find it so difficult to comprehend each other is that they are not simply identical particles with opposite charge. Psychologically, women are not men with cavities, any more than men are women with protuberances. The two represent wholly complementary mentalities, not to be trivialized as mere sexual roles. However, the drift of modern society is toward one mentality, ideologically neuter but implicitly masculine. While the natural tendency of desire is toward the other as a complement, the constructed ideal of the consumer culture views the female as a simulacrum of the male. This may help to explain why lesbian and gay sexual attitudes can be every bit as materialistic as the clichéd macho man’s.

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