photo by Jennifer Armstrong


Born 1945, Dan Bruiger attended the University of California, Los Angeles and Berkeley, immigrating to Canada in 1969. His ancestor was pioneer and mountain man, Jim Bridger.

The passion for philosophy began in earnest at age seventeen, when he became acquainted with philosophy of mind and the fledgling science of Artificial Intelligence. A key intuition concerning the Mind-Body Problem formed the core of an earlier work, The Rise and Fall of Reality. He also pursued studies with masters in the Sufi, Gurdjieff, and Advaita traditions, trained in relationship counseling, and has long maintained an interest in astronomy and physics, as well as in figurative art and design.

Dan resides in the small community of Hornby Island, British Columbia, where he is involved in the movement for increased local autonomy and a sustainable lifestyle. He dances Argentine tango and loves starry nights.


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